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Ever wondered how we make our designs? How something so simple yet be so complicated to replicate and process. Sure we can easily select a font and type up a bunch of words to form a design. But where is the fun in that. Here at Susiescustom we have 3 total designers. We have the Mom who is charge of what designs and concepts should be released next. The Dad who turn the design and concepts and makes them reality and our secret weapon, our 8 year old son. Our son draws up about 90 percent of our designs you see in our collection. How this all comes together is even more amazing. Let me take you through the process of how we made our "Wanted Egg Tee " that will be releasing just in time for easter.



First we wanted a concept where an egg was dressed up in disguised and Wanted for a reward amount. We decided the reward amount should say "Surprise" to hint at the concept "Surprise Egg". This is when our 8 year old son came up with this drawing in which he made using a purple crayon because it was the only 1 left intact =). The others were probably chewed on and broken by my 3 year old son. We told him to design a wanted poster of an egg and create different variation of the words "wanted" and "reward" so that we can choose the best designs to stitch up. Image was taken from my phone. Here is what he came up with. 



Step 2:

Once my son has come up with different variation this is when Dad steps in to take care of the rest. The next few process is done within Photoshop. We took bits and pieces from each design to stitch up the end result that we had in mind.


Step 3:

Now still inside of Photoshop we have to color correct the image so that only the drawing is shown and not the ugly yellow low light background that my phone took of the image. 


Step 4:

Next we then had to hand trace the entire image using a pencil brush within photoshop to fill in the lines and get it ready for the next software which is Adobe Illustrator.


Step 5:

This last step for the illustration process was done inside of Adobe Illustrator. This is when all the jagged edge lines get a smoothing treatment. It is also converted to a file where we can literally blow up the image to a billboard size drawing without losing any details. We do this through the art of vectoring images. Notice how smooth the lines are even when zoomed in?


Step 6:

Now that the hard part is over its time to have some fun. Lets place this design within a tshirt and dress up the image for Easter. We added some last minute colors to the drawing to give it more of a pop. Cool right?



So the end result is definitely worth all the work to provide our customers with a true and unique piece of art that was had drawn and created by every member of my little family. Each design we create was constructed with alot of thought and research. Many hours go into the pre production as well as the post production to create something as simple as a kid drawing and bring it to life. This is what Susiescustom is all about and we continue to differentiate ourself by never taking shortcuts when it comes to design. 


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    This is so awesome!

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